Medication reminder systems help seniors stay at home

Medication reminder systems help seniors stay at home

Medication reminder systems help seniors stay at homeA new web-based online system for setting up automated reminder and check-in calls called the SageMinder System is making it easier for family caregivers to help their elderly loved ones stay at home.

There are many important tasks that go into the care of an elderly parent or loved one in a day. Some of these — such as taking medication at the right times — is critical. The SageMinder System makes it easier to automate reminders for your loved one. A sticky note might be effective, if it is noticed, but SageMinder makes a more immediate call to the attention.

The system works with the telephone and places a call to your loved one at predetermined times. The call is even interactive and will ask if everything is all right and if they’ve taken their medications. Your elderly parent responds to the questions by pressing a button on a home or cell phone. Then the caregiver receives a notification by text message or email that the phone was answered and if everything is okay.

SageMinder and similar systems help with one of the largest preventable causes of poor health management: failure to take prescribed medications. These solutions can take some of the worry away from children whose elderly parents are living independently.

Another way to automate systems to help seniors living at home is with automatic pill dispensers. These dispensers hold medications and only allow a predetermined amount of medication to be released at a predetermined time. Often they come with alarms to remind patients when to take their medication. Medication dispensers also make it less likely that someone will forget that they took medications and take a double dose. They also often lock to prevent taking medications at any other time than the one predetermined.

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