Real Stories: Making independent living a priority

Real Stories: Making independent living a priority

Real Stories: Making independent living a priorityTodays post features real-life stories of how Physicians Choice Private Duty helped an elderly person and their loved ones through a tough decision-making process that ensured each person’s individual care needs were met. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

Jim and Sherri

Married couple Jim and Sherri needed assistance after a car accident, which left Jim injured. The couple wished to keep Jim at home while he recovered, but with a busy work schedule she had to keep, Sherri could only offer limited care. So they contacted Physicians Choice Private Duty to help set up a plan that provided an in-home “wake-up/tuck-in” service for Jim as he recovered during his rehabilitation.


The family of Donna, a 96-year-old still living independently in an apartment, was concerned because she has macular degeneration and couldn’t see her the labels on her medications. After contacting Physicians Choice Private Duty, we helped to develop a plan that included medication management, transportation services and some socialization. Today, Donna still remains in her home, living independently and safely.


Felix was living in independent senior housing when he a serious health issue arose, one which required an emergency colostomy. In order to be allowed back to his independent apartment, Felix needed assistance in caring for his colostomy. Physicians Choice Private Duty was able to arrange for a nurse to come to his home twice a week to complete his required colostomy cares. He was able to remain in his apartment, continuing to live and independent and happy life.

Physicians Choice Private Duty currently serving Omaha, Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa ” provides seniors and their families a complete understanding of the available care options and helps families maneuver through the challenges of the system. All Physicians Choice Private Duty services are directed by registered nurses or social workers with no long-term contracts. Contact us today for help with your senior care needs.

“Physicians Choice Private Duty solves the challenges families face in caring for aging parents, with a focus on strategies that keep them in their homes. To learn more about our solutions, visit