Study: Vitamin C promotes bone health

Study: Vitamin C promotes bone health

Study: Vitamin C promotes bone healthA new study by peer-reviewed journal PLoS One found that vitamin C may help prevent osteoporosis by preventing bone loss.

As reported by the Huffington Post, the study was conducted on two sets of mice, one set with their ovaries removed (a procedure that decreases bone density). When given large doses of vitamin C over an eight week period, the study found that the mice with the removed ovaries had a higher bone density than the mice with removed ovaries who had not received vitamin C. The mice with the removed ovaries that received the vitamin C also had similar bone mineral density levels to the mice in the set that didn’t have their ovaries removed.

In the end, however, the researchers claim more studies are necessary to see if the findings can be applied to humans.

The importance of vitamin C

Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) is essential to normal body function. As an important structural component of tendons, muscles, blood vessels, bones and teeth, it’s easy to jump to conclusions that the initial results of the study may indeed be true. It’s encouraging news that may one day change how people prevent bone conditions like osteoporosis, a disease which decreases bone density, leaving a person with bones that are easily broken — a possibly deadly scenario for an elderly person.

That’s why being aware of possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the diet of an elderly loved one is important to the well being of their overall health. As a person ages, they naturally tend to eat less, taking in lesser amounts of vitamins and other nutrients as they did when younger. In addition to that, other factors can lead to the inadequate intake of vitamins and nutrients, including medications, medical conditions, disabilities, digestive system changes and even an aging persons skin.

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