A drama about caregiving for aging parents on YouTube

A drama about caregiving for aging parents on YouTube

	 A drama about caregiving for aging parents on YouTube“Ruth and Erica,” a new drama showing only on YouTube, gives those caring for their aging parents something to relate to. The show stars veteran actors Lois Smith and Philip Baker Hall as Ruth and Harry Rappaport, a couple who resist the suggestions of Erica (Maura Tierney), their only child, that they move to a retirement community following Harry’s decline into dementia. And with Michael C. Hall involved behind the cameras, it’s safe to say that the series has some star power and the production is of professional quality.

Each episode of the 13-part series will run approximately eight minutes. “Ruth and Erica” follows the characters over the course of a year as they grapple with the decisions forced on them by aging.

Amy Lippman created the series and directed all 13 episodes. Lippman told the New York Times, I decided to write about something I was experiencing, and all my friends were experiencing — parents who’d been independent and self-sufficient, but were beginning to need more support and guidance. It seems to have come as a shock to all of us.

In the show, Erica struggles to balance the long-distance care of her aging parents with the events in her own life. Erica must also face what will become of her in old-age as, she has no children of her own.

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