Real Stories: Physicians Choice Private Duty puts family first

Real Stories: Physicians Choice Private Duty puts family first

Todays post features real-life stories of how Physicians Choice Private Duty helped an elderly person and their loved ones through a tough decision-making process that ensured each persons individual care needs were met. Names have been changed to respect privacy.

Cooper Family

A very elderly couple lived alone in a four level home. With both of them suffering from health and memory loss issues, the couple’s children grew increasingly worried about their parents’ everyday safety. The children contacted Physicians Choice Private Duty for help. A plan was soon put in place to make the elderly couple’s home a much safer place, including adding features like Lifeline, a medication reminder system, an auto turn off stove and bathroom modifications, et al. Thanks to Physicians Choice Private Duty, the children can rest assured that their parents are safe, who are happy they were able to still remain in their home of nearly 70 years.

Klaus Family

An elderly woman moved to Omaha to live with her daughter. She had been failing at home because of dementia and was in need of in-home care. The daughter, able to act as primary caregiver but unsure of where to start, called Physicians Choice Private Duty for help. A safe plan was put in place that allowed the mother to remain at home, with her daughter by providing medication management, social outings, activities, transportation to appointments and meal preparations. Pre-planning was also completed to find the appropriate long term care facility when/if needed.

Garcia Family

The family of an elderly woman was concerned about her driving abilities and her memory loss. They consulted with Physicians Choice Private Duty who in turn helped find a geriatric specialist who discovered that her confusion and inability to focus was due to her medication. Her medication was adjusted by the specialist and she is still driving safely to this day.

Physicians Choice Private Duty currently serving Omaha, Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa provides seniors and their families a complete understanding of the available care options and helps families maneuver through the challenges of the system. All Physicians Choice Private Duty services are directed by registered nurses or social workers with no long-term contracts. Contact us today for help with your senior care needs.

“Physicians Choice Private Duty solves the problems families face in finding home health care providers they can trust. Providers who will focus on strategies that keep parents in their homes. To learn more about our health care services, visit”