Falls a leading cause of lost elderly independence

Falls a leading cause of lost elderly independence

Falls a leading cause of lost elderly independenceThe American Geriatrics Society suggests that complications resulting from falls are a leading cause of death among the elderly. And most falls occur within the home and are preventable, AGS member Dr. Cheryl Phillips told the Washington Post. Overall about one in three Americans over 65 suffer from a fall each year, the study found, and roughly a third of those falls require some sort of medical treatment.

Phillips told the Post that she advised caregivers to do a thorough walkthrough of the elderly person’s home to identify possible dangers:

  • Removing loose carpets/rugs, and putting non-skid backing on rugs that may cause tripping.
  • Around the house, encourage the elderly person to wear shoes, socks and slippers with non-skid soles.
  • Use nightlights to illuminate dimly lit areas that are potentially hazardous.
  • Remove clutter and low furniture from in and around the house.
  • Make sure existing handrails are sturdy and install new handrails at stairs entering the house.
  • In the bathroom, install grab bars near the toilet and in the tub or shower. Also add no slip decals or mat in the tub/shower.

Falls can lead to fractures and trauma, leading to hospital stays and physical disabilities. Many elderly people are afraid of falling, so prevention is key to helping them live life independently and to its fullest.

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