Elder Care: What are the signs of dementia?

Elder Care: What are the signs of dementia?

Elder Care: What are the signs of dementia?The signs of dementia can be subtle and go unnoticed and symptoms of dementia vary based on the portion of the brain affected. The first sign of dementia is often loss of short-term memory. There are common early and intermediate signs of dementia where relatives and caregivers may first notice the disease.

Here’s a list of signs from emedicineheatlh.com:

Early warning signs of dementia

  • Difficulty finding words
  • Forgetfulness, including names, appointments, losing things, et al
  • Difficulty performing familiar tasks such as driving, cooking and chores
  • Confusion/disorientation, even in familiar settings
  • Unusual personality changes
  • Exhibiting poor judgment
  • Unusual paranoia
  • Mood swings (including brief periods of anger/rage)
  • Decline in level of functioning but able to follow established routines at home

Intermediate dementia

  • Worsening of above symptoms
  • Unable to live independently
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Not able to learn new things
  • Increased risk of falls
  • Greater risk of falls and other accidents
  • Confabulation, or believing in things or experiences that never happened
  • Behavior disorders, including “paranoid delusions, aggressiveness, agitation, inappropriate sexual behavior,” according to emedicinehealth.com
  • Hallucinations

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