Safe Care Transition with Physicians Choice Private Duty

parent move

Bob had lived almost his entire life on his Nebraska farm. But Bob was suffering dementia and could no longer continue the way of life he had always known. He was declining quickly and his family was no longer able to give him the care he needed. They were confused and unsure of what they should do next. Then, they found Physicians Choice Private Duty. Physicians Choice Private Duty completed an comprehensive senior assessment of Bob’s situation and was able to recommend the appropriate next steps to keep him safe.

Physicians Choice Private Duty helped Bob’s family apply for Veteran’s Benefits, Medicaid and Spousal Impoverishment so he was able to get the care he needed and his wife could remain in the family home. He was placed in a memory care facility close to his family farm, giving his family the opportunity to visit him on a regular basis.

“Physicians Choice Private Duty solves the challenges families face in caring for aging parents, with a focus on strategies that keep them in their homes. To learn more about our solutions, visit us today..”