Senior Care: Recognizing signs of diabetes

Senior Care: Recognizing signs of diabetes

One-out-of-five Americans over the age of 65 suffers from some form of diabetes. While the affects of diabetes can be effectively managed, it becomes increasingly difficult to administer the proper care as someone ages. This is not only due to the natural slowing down of a person in their golden years, but also the increased risk of other complications arising, such as the onset of dementia and other cognitive and physical conditions.

As a family caregiver, keeping up to speed with all the daily treatments an elderly loved one with diabetes requires can be an overwhelming task. Many people in this situation turn to the services of an elder care provider, such Physicians Choice Private Duty. If you require services in Omaha and surrounding areas, contact us today.

Signs of and symptoms of diabetes

Whether it’s Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the signs are similar, namely too much glucose in the blood and not enough glucose in body cells. This is due to a lack of insulin producing cells, which have either been destroyed (Type 1) or the body’s cells are resistant to the production of insulin (Type 2).

Common signs of diabetes include:

  • Tingling/numbness in hands and/or feet
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom
  • Excessive thirst
  • Unusual loss of weight
  • Weakness/fatigue
  • Vision problems
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dry/itchy skin
  • Cuts, infections and/or bruises that take long to heal

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If your elderly loved one is exhibiting one or more of the above symptoms, call your doctor and schedule an appointment. More serious symptoms, like heavy breathing paired with a sweet smelling breath, requires immediate medial treatment as it could be a potentially deadly situation.

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With the proper diligence to ensure proper treatment and care, diabetes is a manageable condition for elderly patients. That’s why, as a caregiver, it’s so important to be familiar with and be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of diabetes, as well as be know what to do in the case of a diabetic episode.

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