Elderly care: Planning ahead for longterm care

Elderly care: Planning ahead for longterm care

home-care-service-aged-care-family-health-careEven if your parents are still in good health in their latter years, it’s still wise to plan for their future longterm care needs. By planning now, you, your siblings and your parents will know exactly what to do and what is expected of each person individually when health complications do arise.

When to plan

Occasions when all or most of the family gathers is a prime time to start planning for your parents’ longterm care. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday or summer vacation, the more family involved in the process from the beginning, the less complicated things will be when care needs become greater.

How to plan

When everyone is in one place, assign roles. This is especially important for siblings or other family that live far away from the parents. Family who live close by with regular contact will be able to better recognize sudden and subtle changes in the health of elderly loved ones and can keep the entire family updated on day-to-day happenings.

Assigning roles also helps avoid potential conflicts between siblings and other family members. For example, instead of becoming embittered by possible inheritance sibling rivalry, one sibling can be in charge of financial and legal matters while another is in charge of the more hands-on day-to-day help.

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Recognize that longterm care can be expensive

Planning ahead for longterm care can also be very expensive, so being prepared financially is crucial. Here’re some tips from longtermcare.gov on what should to be addressed:

  • Services available from your family and in your community
  • Special conditions (such as age or income) that may apply for receiving services
  • Costs of services
  • Public or private payment options available to you

Physicians Choice Private Duty can help

Physicians Choice Private Duty ”currently serving Omaha, Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa” provides seniors and their families a complete understanding of the options available for those needing longterm care, whether in-home or in a nursing facility. When it’s needed, our professional staff can help properly implement the necessary lifestyle changes that will ensure the best quality of life for your aging loved ones.

All Physicians Choice Private Duty services are directed by registered nurses or social workers with no long-term contracts.

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