What to do if an elderly parent won’t take medication

What to do if an elderly parent won’t take medication

What to do if an elderly parent won’t take medicationMary’s mother had been stubborn her entire life — with money and opinions (right or wrong), with driving routes and restaurants to eat at (a rare treat for a frugal woman like Mary’s mom). Now since dad was gone, Mary’s mother was living alone.

One thing Mary’s mother was never stubborn about was listening to the doctor. So on a recent visit, Mary found it odd that her mother was no longer taking her medication for her high blood pressure.

“Is something wrong?” Mary asked.

Her mother, usually stubborn as the cabinets bolted to the kitchen wall, seemed confused and shook off the fact that she’d forgotten to take her medication.

Mary was concerned, wondering how long this had been going on for. Her mother couldn’t give her a solid answer, so Mary took action. She went down to the pharmacist and asked for a printout of the medications her mother purchcased and if they were refilled on schedule. The results weren’t good.

It had been months since Mary’s elderly mother had taken her high blood pressure medication, which without it put her at far greater risk for heart attack and stroke. Her mother’s increased confusion was raising an alarm as well.

So what did Mary do?

After a doctor’s visit, it was discovered that Mary’s mother was showing the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Since Mary had a full time job and children of her own to take care of, she couldn’t make sure her mother was taking her medication on time and properly taking care of herself. After many stressful days of balancing far too many things at once than a healthy adult should, Mary was forced to consider taking her mother to a nursing home. Luckily, she found relief by seeking the advice and services of an in-home senior care provider.

An elder care manager provided great support, helping to set up doctor appointments and scheduling regular in-home visits from experienced registered nurses to make sure medications were taken on time, ensuring the overall care of Mary’s mother. As difficult as it was for Mary and the rest of her family to see their stubborn matriarch slowing down, there was great peace-of-mind knowing she was in the good hands of an elder care provider, and would be able to enjoy her final years happy, and in her own home.

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