Does Mom need a nursing home?

Does Mom need a nursing home?

Does Mom need a nursing home?Many elderly people live fulfilling, independent lives. Even so, circumstances can change in a heartbeat — a broken hip, illness, the onset of an unforeseen debilitating medical condition — leading to lengthy stays in the hospital, a rehabilitation center or a nursing home.

Children prefer their elderly parents to live independently for as long as possible. After all, studies have shown keeping an elderly person in familiar surrounds benefits their quality of life dramatically. But when the time comes when sending Mom to a nursing home is the best decision for her overall health and safety, it’s a stressful decision to make with no simple or clear-cut answers. Of course, there’s always help available from professional and experienced elderly care managers, such as those who work at Physicians Choice Private Duty. An elder care manager will help identify the current living situation of your elderly mother and provide honest, expert advice on the state of her continued well-being.

Common signs an elderly person might receive better care in a nursing facility than at home:

  • No nearby relatives or caregivers to help with everyday needs
  • Family unable to afford/provide in-home care
  • Decreased hygiene
  • Frequent falls and other injuries
  • Early signs of confusion/dementia

If you or your aging loved one is in or near the Omaha area, feel free to contact Physicians Choice Private Duty with any questions/concerns you might have regarding senior care.

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