Elderly care: 10 medication tips

Elderly care: 10 medication tips

Typically, the older a person is, the more medications he or she is taking. As we all, know, prescription drugs can be dangerous if not taken properly. Sadly, following the doctors orders becomes more and more difficult for many elderly people due to a number of factors. From unexpected side effects from using multiple medications to deteriorating eyesight to arthritis, even the onset of dementia, there are several conditions and sets of circumstances surrounding taking medication that can put an elderly person in harms way.

ELDERLY CARE: 10 MEDICATION TIPS	Oftentimes help is required from a family member or in-home care professional to administer medication at proper times and in proper amounts. Here are some tips for ensuring the continued safety or your aging loved one.

  • Make sure all prescriptions are current.
  • Read the labels of each medication for proper use.
  • Properly dispose of expired prescriptions (Tips from the FDA on how to do that).
  • Don’t mix different prescriptions together in the same container, rather use a pillbox that easily organizes and differentiates each type of medication.
  • Bring an up-to-date list of all current prescriptions to each appointment with a doctor.
  • Bring the same list to the pharmacist when refilling or getting new prescriptions.
  • Make sure you know what each prescription is for.
  • Know the generic names of prescriptions.
  • Have a family member call or physically monitor the taking of medication.
  • If necessary, set alarms for for reminders when its time to take medication.

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